Statement on Recent Anti-Semitic Hate Incident

September 14, 2022

Hate has no place in Hamilton. It’s sad that in 2022 we still need to periodically make such a declaration. 

As candidate for Mayor of Hamilton, I condemn all actions of hate like the break and enter being investigated as an anti-semitic hate crime committed on September 6 against a family in Hamilton’s Jewish community. 

On Monday evening, I was welcomed into the home of the family targeted in this insidious and despicable crime. In the shadow cast by their boarded-up front window, they recounted the harrowing late-night events this past Labour Day weekend and their subsequent interactions with authorities. Despite their trauma, and with much support from their community, they have maintained their kindness and good humour.  

I reassured them that Hamilton is a city for all and that we as a community must work together to ensure hate of any kind will not only not be tolerated, but will in fact be fully confronted and prosecuted. 

We stand with the Jewish community and all communities who have been targets of hate crimes and incidents, whether reported or not. These actions are unacceptable, heinous and hurtful and have repercussions that go far beyond the act itself. They are a violation of what it means to be Canadian and a Hamiltonian. We are a city of many communities, and if we are to all live here together in harmony, we must stand with our neighbours when they need us most, and take swift action to make sure no one in our community is subjected to acts of hate, discrimination or injustice and we must call it out.

My platform recognizes that there is a lot more we can do to take a stand against hate – and I believe it starts with leadership from the Mayor’s Office and Hamilton City Council. I also believe that we need to listen to affected communities about their experiences and the solutions they believe need to be put in place. I have been listening to the experiences of many groups in Hamilton and will continue to do so as Mayor to ensure our response to hate is a collaborative, communal and impactful effort. 

My platform pledges to:

  • Implement Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Cultural Responsiveness Training as compulsory for the City Council and City of Hamilton staff.
  • Establish active Advisory Councils/Circles to propose municipal harassment bylaws that are proportional and constitutional and ensure an appropriate representation of diverse local communities are at the table. 
  • Make Hamilton a welcoming and safe place to live by working with diverse community leaders to create and implement a new Community Plan of Action Against Racism and Hate. 
  • Prioritize citizens’ lived experiences and feedback on reconciliation, anti-racism, anti-semitism and combating hate.
  • Actively engage and collaborate with our vulnerable communities to develop and implement new policies that protect people, especially on City property. 
  • Provide dedicated funding for local community-based anti-hate initiatives and public awareness campaigns.
  • Ensure Hamilton Police Services work with the Crown and community organizations to prevent, investigate, prosecute and track hate crimes in Hamilton.

Today, I extend my deepest thoughts and unwavering support to the family affected by this anti-semitic hate crime and say to Hamilton: I’m here to continue listening, learning, speaking out and taking action to put an end to hate in our city. I invite anyone who has experienced hate or discrimination to reach out, and if elected Mayor, I am committed to working together to help build an inclusive, welcoming city for everyone. 

Keanin Loomis
Candidate, Mayor of Hamilton

For the full platform, click here.