Statement on minimum wage

October 1, 2022

First and foremost, I support working to ensure Hamiltonians have well-paying jobs and fair wages. I’m committed to listening to residents’ concerns and ideas and I take pride in evolving as a candidate to ensure I’m advocating for residents’ needs and the good of our community.

A few years ago, the provincial government was moving to increase the minimum wage 32% over an 18-month period. Businesses in Hamilton were concerned that this was a fairly large increase over a very short period of time. Representing the concerns of those businesses was part of my job as President of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. 

At the time, my focus and intent was advocating for the people I was representing – small, local businesses here in Hamilton – and making their concerns heard by the Province. It’s important to remember the mayor of Hamilton doesn’t set minimum wage, but what they will set are the policies that will make Hamilton a prosperous community for everyone – growing the economy, attracting investment, creating jobs that are well-paying and competitive. That’s what my focus will be on if elected Mayor, along with representing the best interests of everyone who calls Hamilton home.

Keanin Loomis
Candidate, Mayor of Hamilton

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