platform release: Homes For Hamilton

Loomis pledges to build 50,000 homes to remedy housing crisis

10-year “Homes for Hamilton” plan includes affordable housing, rental apartments, in-law suites

HAMILTON, ON (July 21, 2022)
– Hamilton mayoral candidate Keanin Loomis met with local media in Stoney Creek this morning to roll out his Homes for Hamilton plan, a slate of policies and actions targeting the housing and affordability crisis.

Homes for Hamilton aims to build 50,000 new homes across the city, creating jobs and increasing the supply of housing with the goal of bringing down costs for renters and buyers, and building healthy and complete communities. The plan focuses on hiring staff to speed up approvals of new housing, implementing new housing along major transit lines, and to bring gentle density to established neighbourhoods. This will be done while respecting and preserving the character, heritage and aesthetic of our communities.

“I have spoken with thousands of people during this campaign and hear it everywhere I go in this city,” said Loomis. “Hamilton families are struggling with the cost of housing and far too many simply can’t find housing at all. Our plan will bring down the cost of housing and allow us to build more homes across the city while maintaining our current urban boundary.”

Homes for Hamilton aims to make several changes that will encourage and enable more homes to be built, including co-ops, rental apartment buildings, duplex and triplex buildings, and in-law suites. These changes include:

  • Commit to a firm urban boundary. We will intensify housing within our existing municipal boundaries to protect our farmlands, combat our infrastructure deficit and keep property taxes low.
  • Modernize municipal zoning by-laws to speed up homebuilding. We will immediately review our residential zoning by-laws to pre-zone areas for intensification proposals for all types of housing, including townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, in-law suites, and other forms of housing.
  • Lower the affordable housing rate. Currently in Hamilton, affordable housing rates are 125% of market rate. We will modernize the way in which the affordable rate is calculated with the aim to bring down that rate.
  • Build more housing nearby transit. As our population grows, we need to think ahead to make sure people can get around the city conveniently. We will ensure new housing is built along existing corridors and our future rapid transit corridors.
  • Advocate for partnership with provincial and federal governments to help our Hamilton is Home non-profit partners. Keanin is the only candidate who can work with federal and provincial partners to find ways to help non-profit partners overcome the roadblocks to building affordable housing.
  • Being held accountable by tracking our progress. We will report on the number and types of units delivered each year.

“Hamilton needs to get building, but we are only going to build our way out of this crisis if we build smart, build up, and build green.” Loomis said. “Our plan maintains our urban boundary, out of respect for our farmland, green space and Greenbelt, building homes and communities where people live, shop and play.

“Hamilton is full of prospective homebuyers, builders and labourers. Working with the provincial and federal governments, together we can create the complete, healthy communities Hamilton deserves now and in the future.”