platform release: Fix. The. Roads.

Hamilton Mayoral Candidate Keanin Loomis vows to Fix. The. Roads.

Plan includes new ways to hold city staff and contractors accountable, improve maintenance and safety

ONT. (Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022) – Speaking from Barton Street East, crowned by CAA as Ontario’s worst road, Loomis laid out his plan, Fix. The. Roads., a series of policies tackling Hamilton’s road infrastructure deficit and improving the City’s procurement and communication processes. 

“Being home to Ontario’s worst road is not something any of us in Hamilton are proud of,” said Loomis. “It’s embarrassing and it’s dangerous for the people driving, walking and cycling on our roads every day. Our plan provides Hamiltonians with the safe, reliable roads they deserve, and gives them a direct line to decision-makers when the quality of our roads isn’t up to snuff.” 

The foundation of Loomis’ plan is the 2021 City Auditor’s Roads Value for Money Audit and some common-sense approaches to improving Hamilton’s road network.

Fix. The. Roads. will fundamentally change how Hamilton handles road construction and maintenance by:

  • Implementing strict penalties for work that fails to live up to contract obligations, including temporary bans from procurement on select projects. Track records matter.
  • Updating the City’s roadway maintenance protocol. Investing in preventative maintenance and protecting our valuable infrastructure, particularly as we focus on future growth within our urban boundary.
  • Adopting best practices from other similar municipalities across Canada to understand how Hamilton can innovate on its current roadway maintenance protocols through a sustainability lens.
  • Introducing a 311 service to Hamilton, modernizing the process for residents to report road and other issues and increasing the City’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to concerns.
  • Prioritizing Hamilton infrastructure in discussions with provincial and federal partners. 

Loomis started this process by asking Hamilton residents to head to the campaign Twitter and Facebook channels (@voteloomis) to submit their photos of roads in poor condition that need to be fixed.