Loomis unveils plan to launch 311 service for Hamiltonians

October 12, 2022

Hamilton Mayoral Candidate, Keanin Loomis, introduced details of his 311 service for Hamilton at Sam Lawrence Park on Wednesday morning.

If elected Mayor on October 24, Loomis will move to establish a 311 service for Hamiltonians.

“Our vision for 311 isn’t just a phone number,” said Loomis. “It’s also an app and website, where residents can log their issue, receive a ticket number and track that issue through to its completion.”

This 311 service will modernize the process for residents to communicate and report issues they see in their neighbourhoods and get them to the right people. These are issues pertaining to city facilities, streets and sidewalks, parking, roads, winter maintenance and more.

The 311 service increases the City’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to concerns and demonstrates to people that they are actually being heard.

“This is about bringing accountability, transparency and responsiveness to our City – something I’ve talked a lot about in my platform,” says Loomis. “311 would provide residents of Hamilton the level of service that they deserve from their city. And provide the city with vital data in order to better allocate resources and learn how to serve its residents better.”

The live video from Wednesday’s announcement can be found on the Vote Loomis Instagram Channel.