Mayoral Candidate Keanin Loomis Unveils Strategy to Increase Access to City-Owned Recreational Facilities

October 19, 2022

On Wednesday morning near Westmount Community Centre, Mayoral candidate Keanin Loomis unveiled his strategy to increase access to City of Hamilton recreation facilities by securing a location for a brand new recreation centre and increasing service hours at numerous city-run facilities as part of his plan to build a safer, cleaner and healthier Hamilton if elected. 

In announcing plans for new and expanded recreation services, Loomis cited the importance of social and physical activity for children and their parents.  Loomis pointed to the consistent message in all of our Suburban Communities of the immediate need for recreation services.  Time and again, parents have advised Loomis of the stress and costs of going to communities such as Burlington and Grimsby to enroll their children in swimming lessons.

Loomis pointed to successful models such as the Fleming Centre in Beamsville which was built in a newly established neighbourhood.  Built to serve Beamsville and newly growing areas in Lincoln, the Fleming Centre expanded the recreation opportunities including a hockey arena,  a walking track and a library.

The plan to increase access to a variety of City of Hamilton Recreation Centres includes:

  • A commitment to securing at least one location for the development of a new community recreation centre;
  • Actively pursuing critical investments from upper levels of government to begin development and to repair and reinstate some of our aging facilities;
  • Study options to increase service hours at high-demand City of Hamilton recreation facilities and activities;
  • Increase investments in the number of students hired each year to facilitate the expanded offerings of a variety of existing and well-loved community recreational services.