Hamilton, I love you more than ever

This may not be the outcome I desired, but my love for this city is stronger than ever, mayoral candidate Keanin Loomis writes.

Published in the Hamilton Spectator – Opinion

October 29, 2022

Over the course of 175 days of campaigning, I visited every part of this city. I met thousands of people at the doors and at events. I formed deep connections with so many folks who became indispensable volunteers, spirited supporters and great friends.

Our six-month campaign may have been a grind at times, but I have so many fond memories from the trail. I got to experience Hamilton in a way that very few people ever do.

And despite the devastated feelings of coming up oh so short, I can definitively say that it’s better to have run and lost than never to have tried.

When we started this journey it was with a prevailing feeling there was a broad desire for change, and that came out loud and clear in this election. Everybody we met agreed that it was time to aim higher for Hamilton.

I’m humbled to have received such incredible support. Thank you all. Though it’s an agonizing consolation, it’s also validating to know that we only fell a little short against Andrea, who has had a long career of electoral success and service in Hamilton.

Though victory was elusive, it is rewarding to know that we are in fact getting the change people want. There will be 10 new faces around the council table and, for the first time in the history of Hamilton, we will have a woman mayor. That is a milestone that every Hamiltonian should celebrate.

I congratulate Andrea on her victory and I’m committed to work with her in any way I can to help better this incredible city. I truly wish Andrea success as she works to lead us to a better future as mayor. Because at the end of the day, the only reason I decided to run was to contribute to building a better future for everyone who calls this amazing city home.

To all the supporters across Hamilton who’ve reached out with kind words, you don’t have to worry about me. I will be fine wherever my future path leads me. I have no regrets. I knew it would be a steep hill for us to climb, but I am proud to say I gave it my all.

My greatest sadness at this moment is reserved for the incredible collection of Vote Loomis family, friends, volunteers and zealous supporters who did everything they could to earn victory. (You know who you are. Thank you!)

Some were with me from the very beginning, at the events where no one knew who I was, and every successive volunteer and supporter was crucial to helping us grow the momentum that got us so close.

Our incredible team poured out their heart and soul and I can’t possibly thank them all enough for their effort, ideas and passion. They made me a better candidate and a better person.

I take great solace in knowing that the time we spent and the people that we met will be remembered and will shape our lives forever. We are richer for this effort, because we did it well and we did it right.

Trish and I came to Hamilton for a chance to start fresh and raise a family, an experience that began in the basement of my in-laws’ home on the Mountain. Over my 13 years here, I’ve seen how welcoming Hamiltonians can be and how much potential there is to build a life and do great things. When we needed it, Hamilton was there for us.

This may not be the outcome I desired, but my love for this city is stronger than ever. Hamilton, you have a beauty and a richness of spirit that is unmatched. The people of this city are the best on earth. You’ve given me purpose and passion that will never fade.

I am more proud than ever to call Hamilton my home.