June Update from Team Loomis

With the early phase of the campaign behind us, we have three and a half months to go before we bring change to City Hall on October 24th.

We thought now would be an excellent time to tally up a few of our wins over the first stretch of the campaign and provide you with a summer update.

100 volunteers and counting

After launching our campaign on June 11, we’ve recruited over 100 volunteers to join Team Loomis! We were pleasantly surprised by this milestone, but it just reinforces that positive change is needed at city hall to move Hamilton forward – and our volunteers agree Keanin is the person best suited to bring that change

Our volunteers are the most vocal #VoteLoomis supporters. They wear our buttons and shirts, talk to friends and family about Keanin’s vision for Hamilton, knock on doors, provide feedback and help shape the campaign into what it is.

If you’d like to join a winning team, we invite you to sign up and join us!

updates volunteers - Vote Loomis for hamilton Mayor 2022

An exciting endorsement

At the end of June, we sat down with LiUNA Canada and discussed the issues that we as Hamiltonians are all concerned about: sustainable growth and infrastructure, affordable housing, homelessness, childcare, and red tape reduction.

“In his time at the Hamilton Chamber, LiUNA worked closely with Keanin on many initiatives that focus on the growth of our city including the unwavering support and advocacy for the Hamilton LRT,” said Joseph Mancinelli, LiUNA International Vice President. “We are confident that Keanin is the best candidate to continue to move our city forward, working collaboratively to build a resilient, inclusive city with a focus on economic development, job creation, affordability, infrastructure and much more.”

Support from Joe Mancinelli and LiUNA members is going to be key in the next stretch of the campaign and getting Keanin into the Mayor’s seat!

updates liuna - Vote Loomis for hamilton Mayor 2022

fundraising highlights

We are so thankful for the generous financial contributions from our supporters to bring better leadership to Hamilton City Hall. We are happy to announce that we have met our ambitious Spring fundraising target and are completely blown away by the show of support pouring in from all across Hamilton.

Each dollar donated is a dollar spent on supporting accountability, transparency, modernization of city services and moving Hamilton forward. As Mayor, Keanin will work tirelessly to make Hamilton a global leader in sustainable growth and innovation, and promote a culture that sees all of Hamilton’s amazing and distinct communities as one truly united city.

If you want to help make this vision a reality, we could use your support. You can donate through our secure digital platform, or you can send an e-transfer to loomisformayor@gmail.com