a responsive city hall


Fix. The. Roads. is a series of policies tackling Hamilton’s road infrastructure deficit and improving the City’s procurement and communication processes. 

The foundation of the plan is the 2021 City Auditor’s Roads Value for Money Audit and some common-sense approaches to improving Hamilton’s road network.

Fix. The. Roads. will fundamentally change how Hamilton handles road construction and maintenance by:

  • Implementing strict penalties for work that fails to live up to contract obligations, including temporary bans from procurement on select projects. Track records matter.
  • Updating the City’s roadway maintenance protocol. Investing in preventative maintenance and protecting our valuable infrastructure, particularly as we focus on future growth within our urban boundary.
  • Adopting best practices from other similar municipalities across Canada to understand how Hamilton can innovate on its current roadway maintenance protocols through a sustainability lens.
  • Introducing a 311 service to Hamilton, modernizing the process for residents to report road and other issues and increasing the City’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to concerns.
  • Prioritizing Hamilton infrastructure in discussions with provincial and federal partners.

Watch the Instagram Live of Keanin’s news conference on August 4, 2022.


  • Implement a new policy that allocates one-half day per week for residents to have direct access to the Mayor and create the space for citizens to share their concerns.
  • Invite small businesses to share ideas, opportunities and challenges to ensure that the Mayor’s Office works with businesses as critical economic drivers providing vital employment and economic activity to the City. 
  • Incentivize equity-seeking business owners to set up or grow their businesses and participate in exclusive mentoring, knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities.



  • Invite Premier Ford to Hamilton in the first month in office to collaborate on issues, projects and partnership opportunities. 
  • Invite Prime Minister Trudeau to Hamilton in the first month in office to discuss issues, projects and partnership opportunities. 
  • Establish new working relations with senior government levels to get Hamilton back on their radar.
  • Set a priority list with both levels of government following consultation with Hamilton-area organizational leaders to discuss community needs.



  • Ensure that City Staff and committees review the Future Fund that has been on hold since 2018 and its vital role in supporting a solid rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic as a world-class arts community.
  • Provide a $500,000 increase to the Community Enrichment Fund and explore an annual raise in total fund allocation to account for inflation and deliver robust investments in our community.
  • Focus a dedicated portion of the annual Future Fund expenditures on the growth of new organizations that have not previously accessed funding. 
  • Direct City staff to revise the Cultural Plan and come back to Council with a Strategic Action Plan on how the City is leading cultural development.
  • Establish a task force responsible for overseeing cultural facility development and ensuring institutional development at Pier 8. 
  • Advance adaptive programs in response to the needs of Hamilton’s hospitality sector, such as the patio expansion program that will support local business, arts and culture.