Growing Hamilton, Smartly

Homes for Hamilton

Homes for Hamilton aims to build 50,000 new homes across the city, creating jobs and increasing the supply of housing with the goal of bringing down costs for renters and buyers, and building healthy and complete communities.

The plan focuses on hiring staff to speed up approvals of new housing, implementing new housing along major transit lines, and to bring gentle density to established neighbourhoods. This will be done while respecting and preserving the character, heritage and aesthetic of our communities.

Homes for Hamilton aims to make several changes that will encourage and enable more homes to be built, including co-ops, rental apartment buildings, duplex and triplex buildings, and in-law suites. These changes include:

  • Commit to a firm urban boundary. We will intensify housing within our existing municipal boundaries to protect our farmlands, combat our infrastructure deficit and keep property taxes low.
  • Modernize municipal zoning by-laws to speed up homebuilding. We will immediately review our residential zoning by-laws to pre-zone areas for intensification proposals for all types of housing, including townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, in-law suites, and other forms of housing.
  • Lower the affordable housing rate. Currently in Hamilton, affordable housing rates are 125% of market rate. We will modernize the way in which the affordable rate is calculated with the aim to bring down that rate.
  • Build more housing nearby transit. As our population grows, we need to think ahead to make sure people can get around the city conveniently. We will ensure new housing is built along existing corridors and our future rapid transit corridors.
  • Advocate for partnership with provincial and federal governments to help our Hamilton is Home non-profit partners. Keanin is the only candidate who can work with federal and provincial partners to find ways to help non-profit partners overcome the roadblocks to building affordable housing.
  • Being held accountable by tracking our progress. We will report on the number and types of units delivered each year.

Watch the Instagram Live of Keanin’s news conference on July 21, 2022.

Address Encampments by Aiming to Eliminate the Affordable Housing Backlog

  • Repair, onboard, and build a total of 1,000 affordable or supportive housing units per year over the next term of council through key collaborative actions with community partners.
  • If elected, Keanin would immediately work to prioritize municipally owned land specifically designated for affordable housing development and explore options for community organizations to have priority access to these lands for their own affordable and supportive housing developments.
  • Keanin would move a motion to freeze development charges on any affordable housing developments by select community organizations, similar to the exemption CityHousing Hamilton currently receives. In doing so, the City would provide greater opportunities and flexibility to affordable housing service providers for planning and developing new affordable housing units. Additionally, Keanin would explore opportunities for other organizations to provide support at existing CityHousing properties.
  • In working together with the Hamilton is Home Coalition, Mayoral Candidate Keanin Loomis aims to demonstrate a new approach to supporting our community’s most vulnerable by pursuing creative solutions to dramatically increase Hamilton’s approval of affordable housing units year over year.
  • Paired with Keanin’s plan to build 50,000 homes by conducting a residential zoning by-law review and exploring inclusionary zoning policies along transit routes, this new strategy to working with affordable housing community service providers to afford them the privileges that CityHousing Hamilton enjoys will unlock a path to repair, onboard, and build one thousand affordable housing units per year.

Watch the Instagram Live of Keanin’s news conference on October 6, 2022.


  • Build and complete the LRT, and plan for the next priority transit line to improve city-wide connectivity. 
  • Advocate for the expansion of GO Train services and commit to building the Confederation GO station by working with provincial and federal partners. 
  • Execute an Area Rating Review to ensure that our primary public services, including transit, reflect a fair and relevant taxation structure for all citizens. We know that we will see significant population growth and intensification in our community, supporting the demand for, and need to invest in, expanding our HSR network. 
  • Expand our active transportation network and plan for future micro-mobility options. Investing in and developing our bike lanes and biker safety must be a top priority. We must invest in safe transit and protect pedestrians of all ages and abilities by taking action on Vision Zero.


  • Create 5,000 new jobs in the first term by attracting new industries and facilitating the expansion of existing initiatives to help enable our community’s economic transition and maintain employment diversification. 
  • Increase the Economic Development budget by $1M to facilitate and attract new investment. We need additional resources to keep up with new companies looking to grow in Hamilton and get existing projects past the finish line.
  • Hamilton needs to do more to support our local entrepreneurs, especially intersectional entrepreneurs, including women from equity-seeking groups. We need to understand how the City of Hamilton can expand its Small Business Centre offerings to facilitate unique opportunities for our community’s diverse entrepreneurs to communicate, collaborate, and learn.



  • Focus on bringing new business, new jobs and new wealth to Hamilton and attract green employment to help transition our economy.
  • Continue our transition to diversify our employment sectors by attracting new investment to grow our key industries, including healthcare, steel, tech, arts & culture, manufacturing, agriculture, agri-food & food packaging, hydrogen, etc. With a competitive advantage in agri-food and food processing, we are uniquely situated with the opportunity to provide jobs while stabilizing the food chain.
  • Work with partners to create opportunities to develop unused or underutilized industrial, commercial or city-owned lands to bring new business to Airport and Stelco Lands.