It’s time for change in Hamilton.

Keanin’s platform is built around four key pillars that will shift how the city operates and provide citizens with more opportunities to make their voices heard on the issues that matter.

Truth, trust, transparency. Growing Hamilton, smartly. A responsive City Hall. A safe, clean and healthy Hamilton. These are the key pillars that Keanin will focus on as your Mayor.

Let’s change the culture of complacency at City Hall to a culture of excellence. Competent government requires the trust, respect, and honesty that Keanin will bring to the Mayor’s office. It’s time to have a difficult conversation about City Hall.


  • Rebuild trust. Repair relationships.
  • No more secrets. There can’t be trust without transparency.
  • Respect community contributions to decision-making.
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Hamilton is evolving and City Hall needs to evolve with it. A vote for Keanin will help attract new investment, retain talent, and meet the needs of our most vulnerable communities to make Hamilton the best city to live, work and raise a family.


  • Support for small businesses and an open door to the Mayor’s office.
  • Less red tape. Smart growth. More affordable options.
  • Hamilton is a place for everyone to succeed and build a future.

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Hamilton residents know our city best. You deserve to be heard and receive value for your hard-earned tax dollars. It’s time to make it easier for citizens to provide input and feedback directly to the city so we can work together to fix issues and challenges, and put the years of scandals, cover-ups and lies behind us.


  • Enhance City Hall responsiveness to citizen concerns and feedback.
  • Build critical infrastructure and Fix. The. Roads.
  • Invest in transit and pedestrian safety. Vision Zero is more than just a slogan.


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City Hall must take its role as steward of our land, water, and air seriously. Keanin is committed to cleaning up the mistakes of City Hall and meeting our obligations to future generations. 


  • Lower our carbon footprint by supporting place-making opportunities, transit network improvements, and pursuing Hamilton’s industrial decarbonization. 
  • Protect our Greenbelt, our farmland, and the rural way of life.
  • Clean up Cootes and invest in infrastructure to eliminate sewage spills and stormwater discharges in our waterways.
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