Hamilton, I love you more than ever

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Over the course of 175 days of campaigning, I visited every part of this city. I met thousands of people at the doors and at events. I formed deep connections with so many folks who became indispensable volunteers, spirited supporters and great friends. Our six-month campaign may have been a grind at times, but I have so many fond memories from the trail. I got to experience Hamilton in a way that very few people ever do.

Loomis commits to a self-imposed two-term limit if elected Mayor

ttt - Vote Loomis for hamilton Mayor 2022

“My competitors in this race have been politicians for a combined 45 years. Hamilton needs a change from the old guard career politicians. I am running for Mayor because we need change. We need new ideas and a new approach that puts the taxpayers ahead of the politicians. As a proud political outsider, I will never be a career politician so I am officially announcing, I will be imposing my own term limits as Mayor. I will be firing myself after 2 terms to make way for new leadership.”

Loomis Community Recreation Centre Announcement

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Loomis announced he will secure a location for at least one new community recreation centre in #HamOnt — with the longer-term goal of securing funding to build community centres in in Binbrook, Waterdown, and Stoney Creek, if elected mayor.

Loomis unveils plan to launch 311 service for Hamiltonians

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This 311 service will modernize the process for residents to communicate and report issues they see in their neighbourhoods and get them to the right people. These are issues pertaining to city facilities, streets and sidewalks, parking, roads, winter maintenance and more.

Mayoral Candidate Keanin Loomis Announces Strategy to Address Encampments by Aiming to Eliminate the Affordable Housing Backlog

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“We are not building enough housing units of all types in this city, but in particular affordable housing and supportive housing are critically needed for thousands of Hamiltonians. It is time for Hamilton’s Mayor to bring community leaders and engaged citizens together to tackle this issue. We need to build a plan, which will include collaboration and the support of creative solutions to combat Hamilton’s affordable housing backlog.”

LiUNA Backs Loomis

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On Wednesday, June 29, 2022, LiUNA Canada announced its endorsement for Mayoral Candidate Keanin Loomis. Keanin met with LiUNA’s Leadership Executive Team to discuss the municipal race. They discussed issues important to the growth and function of our city, including: affordable housing, homelessness, development of LRT and supporting businesses, childcare, and red tape reduction.